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Before You Enter ZEM's TEMPLE...

ZEM’s Temple is an island of Love and Beauty, a virtual place where I share my music, work, life and visuals and where you can get to know and meet me.


But before I talk about the content, I would like to explain why I consciously choose to have my own website(instead of using existing digital platforms like most artists do – Spotify, Soundcloud, Onlyfans, Instagram etc…)



First of all for reasons of privacy - both for me and for you.

Both you and I have to register on social platforms. This means that they not only have our personal data but also all the data that we exchange with each other. They sell this data and information to other companies, that is their main source of income. If they are resold, go bankrupt or are banned, all data and information will be irrevocably lost.

This website is my personal property. All data and all contacts remain strictly between you and me, and will never be shared or sold.



When I use a social media platform, I have to upload all my content there.

Just like with my personal information and data, I no longer have any control over what happens to that content.

The content on the website remains mine. This also means that all content you receive from me is guaranteed to be authentic and unique, from me to you.


Buy from the source: the artist

People like to pay for what moves them or carries them away.

It is the artist who makes that work and also makes a living from it.

Anyone who buys via existing platforms finances platforms and multinationals, not the artist who, in the best case, gets a crumb. (0.002 dollarcents per stream on Spotify) and very often even nothing at all.

If you love me and my work, buy directly from ZEM

Direct contact

The website guarantees direct contact between you and me. Without intermediaries, without prior comments or framing. From Soul to Soul, from Heart to Heart.

I Hope to Welcome You in ZEM's TEMPLE




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